• Investment Type: Equity Financing
  • Target: Tier 1 Schools with growing 15,000+ Enrollment
  • Investment Size: 200 – 500 Beds, $10-50M Equity per Project Preferable
  • Holding Period: 5 Year Max

Diamond Realty was one of the first to see the enormous potential in Student Housing.

From our initial entry into this market in 1998, we’ve successfully invested in more than 35 Student Housing projects – over 21,000 beds in all. As of June 2018, we have 4 projects in the works.

Our Student Housing criteria: Focus on leading universities, with enrollments exceeding 15,000, with an emphasis on prime campus locations.

For Diamond Realty, Student Housing is more than an area of emphasis. It is the foundation in which we grew our business.

Student Housing Properties