• Investment Type: Equity Financing
  • Target: 1M+ MSA Populations, Positive Job Growth with Limited Supply
  • Investment Size: 100 – 400 Units, $10-50M Equity per Project
    *Will Consider $50M+ on an Individual Basis
  • Holding Period: 5 Year Max

Nothing helps ensure investment success quite like a proven track record. Our experience, combined with the extensive knowledge of our top-tier development partners represents unprecedented sophistication.

In Multifamily, we have more than 90 projects under our belt, representing over 25,200 units. Some from the ground up. Some as value-added acquisitions. All performing beyond expectations.

Our Multifamily investment criteria: Focus on markets with1M+ MSA populations, characterized by positive job growth, in partnership with experienced developers, with a strong emphasis on leading-edge design and amenity packages.

Multifamily Properties