Yohei Hiroi brings more than 20 years of asset management and real estate investment experience to his position as Chief Operating Officer of Diamond Realty Investments, Inc. As COO, he leads and directs the organization’s U.S. operations and overall strategy for future growth from the firm’s headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Prior to Diamond Realty Investments, Yohei served as a Deputy General Manager in the Merchant Banking Department of Mitsubishi Corporation, where he was responsible for investments, strategic planning, and business development of several subsidiaries managing buyout or growth capital funds in Japan and ASEAN countries. He also worked as a leader of Mitsubishi’s Urban Development Division where he led the acquisition and development of new projects across Japan.

Yohei gained vital U.S. real estate experience working at an asset management firm jointly established by Mitsubishi Corporation and local partners in the U.S. As Vice President, he was responsible for creating and operating investment and asset management platform focusing on commercial mortgages origination across the nation.

Yohei received a B.A. in Environment and Information Studies from Keio University in Japan and a Masters degree of Media and Governance with concentrations in digital media technology and design from the Graduate school of Keio University.