Kent Koga is President and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Realty Investments, Inc., leading the firm’s nationwide investment strategy. In this critical role, he leverages his strong relationships with key partners in the pursuit of institutional quality commercial real estate development opportunities across the United States.

Kent brings more than 25 years of international real estate and construction experience to Diamond Realty, gained while operating out of the International Headquarters for Mitsubishi Corporation, Diamond Realty’s 100% shareholder.

Prior to Diamond Realty, Kent served as a General Manager of Mitsubishi’s Urban Development Division where he led the investment and development strategies in ASEAN countries, e.g. Vietnam and Indonesia, Myanmar, and throughout South East Asia. He also worked as Head of the Real Estate Department in the United Kingdom, where he led commercial office development in partnership with local leaders. In addition, he served as Assistant General Manager of the Istanbul Branch of Mitsubishi for Infrastructure Businesses in Turkey.

Kent earned a B.A. in Economics from Seinan Gakuin University in Fukuoka, Japan.