Zack Zaizen
President and CEO


Zack Zaizen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Realty Investments, Inc., leads the nationwide investments in Commercial Real Estate Developments of Diamond Realty Investments with strong relationships with its solid partners.

Zack joined Mitsubishi Corporation, Diamond Realty’s 100% shareholder, more than 24 years ago, and has been engaging in real estate and the construction industry for over 20 years.

Prior to joining Diamond Realty, Zack served as Head of the North American Investment Team in Real Estate Development & Construction Division of Mitsubishi Corporation and worked as Head of the ASEAN Team leading real estate investments in South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. He also served as Head of Acquisition and Head of the Investment Management of Industrial Division of Mitsubishi Corporation – UBS Realty Inc., a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and UBS managing listed REITs in Japan.

Zack earned a B.A in Economics from Waseda University at Tokyo, Japan.